Sampson County
BCCCP Advisory Board

20th Annual
Breast Cancer Awareness Rally
October 20, 2018


The Sampson County Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP) Advisory Board exists to educate and inform the community of the importance of early detection and treatment of breast and cervical cancer.  The Advisory Board urges women to take advantage of the NC BCCCP offered through local health departments to help with the cost of breast and cervical cancer screenings.  The Advisory Board has several events throughout the year in the community to promote breast and cervical cancer awareness including:  Teal Ribbon Campaign, Pink Ribbon Campaign, and the Annual Breast & Cervical Cancer Awareness Rally & Health Fair.  For more information, to become a member or to make a donation, contact Sampson County Health Department at (910) 592-1131. 

21st Annual
Breast Cancer Awareness Rally

October 12, 2019


Donation - November 5, 2021
The BCCCP Advisory Board receives a $500 donation from the WYLD BOAR RYDERZ.

Breast Cancer Awareness Ride & Benefit - October 30, 2021
The BCCCP Advisory Board participated in the event hosted by the WYLD BOAR RYDERZ at Newkirk Park in Clinton with over 200 people in attendance.

Clinton Square Fair - October 9, 2021

The BCCCP Advisory Board participated with over 85 people visiting the Breast Cancer Awareness booth.